Maria Rud




Maria Rud was born in Moscow. She studied fine art from the age of seven, graduating from Surikov School of Art, Moscow and gaining second degree in film from the Academy of Culture, St Petersburg.

Maria worked as an artist for Souzmyltfilm, Moscow (State Animation Studios) and State TV before becoming a glass designer for Lindshammar Glasbruk (Sweden) and Magnor Glassverk (Norway).

She co-founded the Cultural project DOM in Edinburgh and York and was  co-director of the retail and design company Kindom.

As a designer, she has worked in the fields of fashion accessories, jewellery, gift stationery, art glass and ceramics.
Maria Rud has exhibited since 1991 and had numerous solo exhibitions in Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K.

Her work was featured on Russian State TV and appeared in various publications.

Maria Rud’s paintings are in the collections in many countries, including Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.A.


"In the work of Maria Rud, we witness a renaissance of the European fine-art tradition. Maria’s powerful artistic voice embodies a continuity with the past. Abstraction and cubism are united with form, through a figuration as confident and individual as that of the Old Masters. It represents the Past, the Present and the Future, a symbol of civilisation."
André Zabbeni, Fine Art Advisor, Switzerland
"Maria's work has an extraordinary and unmistakable artistic presence and integrity, combining the structure and formality of an icon, with the vitality and strong lines of Picasso, and the musicality and symbolic richness of Chagal. Living with these paintings in my home has been a privilege."
Paul Jourdan, Founder and CEO, Amati Global Investors, U.K.
"Maria Rud’s paintings are a haunting response to exile and homecoming, marking out possible ways through time and space. Immersed in the spirit of the Russian avant-garde, the artist echoes icons and pious images, embraces fairy tales and legends. She reveals the core of sophisticated music and the gist of kabbala. A shining light originated in ancient times, Maria Rud is re-enchanting the world."
Christoph Bollmann, Art Director, ARTBYGENEVE , Switzerland


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